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Thank you for selecting The Agency Manager or The Agency Manager, Vision Series, as delivered through AppliedOnline! This document helps you become familiar with AppliedOnline's requirements, support, and other available resources.

Additional information regarding AppliedOnline, including installation documents referenced in this article, installation program downloads, standard and special maintenance windows, and current system status, can be found on our customer website, www.appliedonline.net.

This document is divided into the following sections:

Hours of Operation

The AppliedOnline system is available for use Monday through Friday from 2:00 a.m. until Midnight Central Time (CT). Between the hours of 12:00 a.m. CT and 2:00 a.m. CT, please refrain from using the system so that backup processes can run without obstruction. Normal weekday maintenance periods will not cause any session connections to be closed. Weekend hours are from 6:00 a.m. CT until Midnight on Saturday and Sunday. Weekend maintenance windows may cause connections to close and reset.

Establish a Connection

All workstations require three components for full functionality with AppliedOnline. The components are the remote client, the printer client, and the Virtual Channel client.

Remote Client

The Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client establishes the connection between your local workstation and AppliedOnline. The RDC client can be installed on all Microsoft’s currently supported operating systems. If your workstations are XP Professional, the RDC client is already installed. We created RDC installation packages specifically for TAMOnline and VisionOnline for each AppliedOnline data center. These customized installation packages can be downloaded from the Documents and Downloads section of www.appliedonline.net. The RDC can be configured to launch the AppliedOnline session in a variety of screen sizes, from full screen to 640x480. We recommend full screen mode.

Concurrent Connections

Each AppliedOnline login account is licensed for a single connection to the network. It is a violation of the license agreement to use the same AppliedOnline login account to connect to the network from multiple workstations at the same time.

Printer Client

The AppliedOnline environment uses a universal printer driver, ScrewDrivers by triCerat, to provide printer emulation. The triCerat ScrewDrivers client allows your agency to print using almost any printer from AppliedOnline. This does not, however, mean that all printers are compatible with the TAM or Vision products. For a list of printers supported with those products, please consult the  Supported Configurations available at www.appliedsystems.com. The triCerat ScrewDrivers client download and installation documentation are available in the Documents and Downloads section of www.appliedonline.net.

Virtual Channel Client

The Applied-designed Virtual Channel client allows third-party products that integrate with The Agency Manager, such as Rating and Premium Finance applications, to work seamlessly with AppliedOnline. The Virtual Channel client allows AppliedOnline integration with the third-party software when it is installed directly on the workstation, accessed through a network drive, or when the software is available through another Terminal Services or Citrix session. The Virtual Channel client download and installation documentation are available under Applied Online Client Downloads in the Documents and Downloads section of www.appliedonline.net.

The AppliedOnline Desktop

Once connected to AppliedOnline, you will see a new desktop or program window on your workstation. A typical desktop will look similar this:

Your actual desktop may vary slightly, with different icons for specific application access or operating system versions. All AppliedOnline desktops have icons for TAM/VISION, My Documents, Online Real-Time Chat, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word; Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Internet Explorer, fax@vantage, My Computer (which is renamed to your login account name and the server name (demo1.711ltam on S2-US711-2 in the graphic)), and LogOff.

Email Accounts

Every AppliedOnline user is issued an email account using the following format: loginname@insuremail.net. The email account password is synchronized with the AppliedOnline login password. The Outlook client on the AppliedOnline desktop is automatically configured to connect to the @insuremail.net account. The Outlook client can also be configured to access other external email accounts. Documentation for configuring that access is available at http://www.appliedsystems.com/doc_central/TC-TAMCentral/TCOutlook.htm for Outlook 2003 and at http://www.appliedsystems.com/doc_central/tc-tamcentral/TCOutlook07.htm for Outlook 2007.

You can also access your @insuremail.net email account through a web browser. Please see http://www.appliedsystems.com/Doc_central/TC-TAMCentral/TCEmailWebClient.htm for more information.

Upload Center

To protect the integrity of the AppliedOnline network, we require that all files be uploaded through our Upload Center. We restrict the types of files that are allowed to transfer, and all files are thoroughly screened during the upload procedure. Documents, images, signatures for forms, and company screens/edits may be transferred to your agency folders. The Upload Center can be accessed at http://tcupload.appliedsystems.com/upload/. The Upload Center is used to send files to AppliedOnline that are currently only located on your local workstation. Documentation is available at http://www.appliedsystems.com/doc_central/TC-TAMCentral/AOUploadCenter.htm.

Note: You must connect to the Upload Center with your local workstation's Internet browser. Do not attempt to use the Upload Center from the Internet browser in an AppliedOnline client session. Transferring files requires access to your local drives, and you do not have access to your local drives from within the AppliedOnline client session.

Image Routing for TAMOnline

The TAM Image Router is another option for sending files to your TAMOnline desktop. This is available to agencies using TWAIN-compliant scanners. The Image Router allows you to attach JPG, TIF, and PCX files directly to a client's file in TAM. Documentation is available at http://www.appliedsystems.com/doc_central/tc-tamcentral/tolimageroute.htm.

The Account Console (TAC)

The Account Console (TAC) gives a designated user at your agency authority over some common administrative tasks. Access to this utility is granted only to a member of your agency that has been designated as an "Agency Administrator."  TAC can be accessed from Applied Utilities Start menu program group.

TAC Account Maintenance lets the Agency Administrator reset login passwords, disable login accounts, and create accounts for new employees. The Agency Administrator can also designate other users as Agency Administrators.

Note: TAC only allows you to create new accounts up to the current number of licenses your agency has for AppliedOnline. Please contact Client Solutions if you need to purchase additional licenses.

Do not use Session Maintenance in TAC; see AOM for this option instead. 

TAC Reports provides a record of the login and logout times for all users and can be restricted to a specific date range.

The TAC Website provides quick access to several important AppliedOnline links.

AppliedOnline Management (AOM)

The AppliedOnline Management (AOM) gives a designated user at your agency authority over administrative tasks; it is similar to the TAC utility. Access to this utility is granted only to a member of your agency that has been designated as an "Agency Administrator." AOM can be accessed from Applied Utilities Start menu program group.

AOM can query our servers for active or disconnected user sessions for your agency through Session Maintenance. AOM Session Maintenance provides real-time information regarding which users are connected and what files they have open, and provides the ability to log a session off. The Agency Administrator can also "shadow" a user (view the user's current session as it is seen on his or her workstation). The user must accept a "shadow request" before the Agency Administrator will be allowed to view the session.

AOM AppliedOnline Website provides quick access to several important AppliedOnline links.

AppliedOnline Key Operator Email Messages

Important system information and updates are periodically sent to a Key Operator (KeyOps) email group. The user designated as the Initial User when your agency was first connected to AppliedOnline was also designated as the Key Operator and, therefore, receives the KeyOps email messages. KeyOps emails are sent to the @insuremail.net email addresses. If you would like to have KeyOps messages sent to another user or an external email account, please contact Software Support.

AppliedOnline Connection Optimization

Workstation performance, local network performance, and Internet performance all have an effect on the AppliedOnline experience. Your Internet connection stability and speed are directly affected by your workstation and your local network. There are some steps you can take to make sure your system is optimized for AppliedOnline connectivity. See AppliedOnline Tips, Hints and Basic Troubleshooting for details.


Real-Time Support Help Line: 1-800-999-6512

Access Real-time Support for instant access to a Support Technician. Issues regarding Software, Communications, Forms, fax@vantage, and Accounting all can be handled by a Real-Time Technician

Real-Time Online Chat: http://www.appliedsystems.com/chat

Online Real-Time allows you to text chat with a technician "live" on our website. Technicians are available Monday through Friday at the hours indicated below.

Applied Systems Knowledge Base: http://www.appliedsystems.com/apps/Knowledgebase/main.aspx

If you do not find a resolution to your problem on the Knowledge Base, you can log a call via the KB by accessing http://www.appliedsystems.com/support/resources/customerfeedbackform.asp.

Client Solutions: 1-800-999-5368

Contact Client Solutions for any questions about new products, additional licensing, or any computer purchase needs.

After hours AppliedOnline connection problems

Complete the form at http://www.appliedonline.net/ContactUs.htm for connectivity problems occurring outside normal support hours.

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