Database Structures for TAM

Product: The Agency Manager V11.0

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New! Click HERE for a list of structure changes that have occurred since Series 10.

Click HERE for Canadian-Specific Databases. A link is provided to the most recent structure available for each database, if any.

Click HERE for UK-Specific Databases. A description is provided for each database, but structures are not available.

Database Description
Client#.DBF Created by Upload
Decname.DBF Created from the Custom Dec-Page (i.e., CYCL.DBF, AVIA.DBF)
ACTGNOTE Holds accounting notes which can be attached to invoices, deposits, disbursements, vouchers and journal entries
ADDBOOK Holds information for Personal and Company Address Book 
AP1DB1A Commercial Application (AP), Non-Schedule
AP1DB1B Commercial Application (AP), Schedule
AP1DB2A Commercial Property Application (PR), Non-Schedule
AP1DB2B Commercial Property Application (PR), Schedule
AP1DB3 Commercial General Liability Application (GL), Non-Schedule
AP1DB3B Commercial General Liability Application (GL), Schedule
AP1DB3C Commercial General Liability Application (GL) - Third database stores the version and any future additional information.
AP1DB4A Commercial Umbrella Application (UM), Non-Schedule
AP1DB4B Commercial Umbrella Application (UM), Schedule
AP1DB4C Commercial Umbrella Application (UM) - Third database stores the version and any future additional information.
AP1DB5 Commercial Glass & Sign Application (GS), Non-Schedule
AP1DB6 Commercial Business Auto Application (BA), Non-Schedule
AP1DB7 ACORD 143 - Holds the vehicle schedule for the Commercial BA, GD, TP & TK Applications and the driver schedule for the Commercial BA Application, Schedule
AP1DB8A Commercial Garage and Dealer Application (GD), Non-Schedule
AP1DB8B Commercial Garage and Dealer Application (GD), Schedule
AP1DB9A Commercial Crime Application (CR), Non-Schedule
AP1DB9B Commercial Crime Application (CR), Schedule
AP1DBA Commercial Fidelity Supplement Application (FS), Non-Schedule
AP1DBBA Commercial Truckers Application (T2), Non-Schedule
AP1DBBB Commercial Truckers Application (T2), Schedule
AP1DBCA ACORD 143 - Commercial Transportation Application (TP), Non-Schedule
AP1DBCB ACORD 143 - Commercial Transportation Application (TP), Non-Schedule - Motor Truck Cargo information
AP1DBD ACORD 130 Workers Comp. (W2), Non-Schedule
AP1DBDB Workers Comp. (W2), Schedule
AP1DBEA Accounts Receivable & Valuable Papers (A2), Non-Schedule
AP1DBEB Accounts Receivable & Valuable Papers (A2), Schedule
AP1DBEC ACORD 145 Accounts Receivable / Valuable Papers
AP1DBED ACORD 145 Accounts Receivable / Valuable Papers
AP1DBF Commercial Note Pad (NP), Schedule
AP2DBF ACORD 80 - Personal Homeowners (HO), Non-Schedule
AP2DBF2 ACORD 80 - Personal Homeowners (HO), Second database
AP3DBF Personal Automobile
AP3DBFB Personal Automobile Vehicle Schedule - Second database
APADDINT Evidence of Property - Schedule for Additional Interests and Property - Second database
APAGAPA ACORD 401 - Agriculture Application
APAGAPB ACORD 401 - Agriculture Application
APAGGLA ACORD 404 Agriculture Liability
APAGGLB ACORD 404 Agriculture Liability
APAGPPA ACORD 403 - Agriculture Property - Scheduled/Non-Scheduled Personal Property
APAGPPB ACORD 403 - Agriculture Property - Scheduled/Non-Scheduled Personal Property
APAGPRA ACORD 402 - Agriculture Property
APAGPRB ACORD 402 - Agriculture Property
APAUTOID Personal and Commercial auto ID cards
APBATCH Holds the information for any policy created or updated from a download
APBLUE2 Auto Loss Notice
APBLUEK Auto Loss Notice
APBOILA Commercial Boiler and Machinery
APBOILB Commercial Boiler and Machinery - Second database
APCANCK Cancellations
APCCOMP Holds the name of the company and the commercial sections which have company screens
APCERT Certificates
APCERT2 Certificates - ACORD 24 (1995/01)
APCERTH Certificate Holders
APCERTH2 Certificate Holders - ACORD 24 (1995/01)
APCERTQ Certificate Print Queue File
APCERTU Certificate Universal Holder File
APCNTRCT Holds generated transaction sequence numbers for communication
APCOAPP Holds data to identify the form, company to which the form is sent, customer, account, user IDs, and the agency who is sending the form in FI module format
APCOIIR Holds records of uploaded items and the ISEN files created
APCOMM The translation table between the ACORD download records and forms. A downloaded application consists of 70-300 individual ACORD records. This database tells TAM where on an application this information should go. Each byte of the ACORD record is pointed to a specific field and byte on the ACORD application. The data base is unique to each version of TAM, not each agency. APCOMM.DBF does not hold agency-specific information.
APCOMP Holds the data for the company, account and user IDs to whom this form is being sent
APCOMUNQ Holds the commercial company unique data
APCOPR Holds Company and Agency Interface information
APCOREUN Holds the data for the company unique screens behind the applications that are sent electronically
APCOUNIQ Holds the company unique data for all personal applications
APCPCRA Commercial Change Request (Click here for 11.1 version of document)
APCPCRB Commercial Change Request for Vehicle and Property changes - Second database (Click here for 11.1 version of document)
APCRTRNS Commercial Change Request - Holds data to identify the customer, application to be updated, effective date of update, policy number, and company name
APCUSTM2 Holds the Non-Schedule Custom Dec data
APCUSTOM Holds the Schedule Custom Dec data
APDADREQ Holds the DADs request information
APDB17A Commercial Installation /Builder's Risk Section
APDB17B Commercial Installation /Builder's Risk Section - Second database
APDECLOG Dec-page profile information
APDIRBIL Direct bill downloading used for Communications
APDSP Holds customer data for download setups
APDWF ACORD 81 - Personal Dwelling Fire
APDWF2 ACORD 81 - Personal Dwelling Fire - Second database
APEDERR Error database for edits
APEDIT Holds the edits that a specific company has created using the Edit Developer, and has distributed to their agents
APEDPA Commercial Electronic Data Processing, Non-Schedule
APEDPB Commercial Electronic Data Processing, Schedule
APEDTRN1 Transfer files for edits
APEDTRN2 Edits on fields
APEFA ACORD 146 - Commercial Equipment Floater Section
APEFB ACORD 146 - Commercial Equipment Floater Section
APEP Evidence of Property
APFIELDS Holds the offsets of every field on every standard application and form
APFLOOD ACORD 301 - Flood Insurance Application (3/97a)
APGREEN2 Property Loss Notice - Second database
APGREENK Property Loss Notice
APHIST Holds the offsets necessary to find history images in APHIST.TXT
APIB Binders
APIB2 Holds additional Binder information
APIBLOG Binder log
APLOG Holds the downloaded and uploaded information to be printed on the communication log
APMARA ACORD 81 - Personal Inland Marine
APMARB ACORD 81 - Personal Inland Marine - Second database
APMVR Stores the driver information for Motor Vehicle Reports
APMVRREQ Holds MVR setup information and MVRs
APNAS Company forms in non-ACORD specific format, Non-Schedule screen information
APNAS2 Company Forms non-accord specific,  Schedule information
APPLIST Holds the Codes and Descriptions for the Lookup tables for Property, General Liability and Agriculture applications
APPNOTE Personal Note Pad
APPPCRA Personal Change Requests - holds Auto information
APPPCRB Personal Change Requests - holds Homeowners, Dwelling Fire and Umbrella Information - Second database
APPPCRC Holds the information for the Personal Change Request Property schedules
APPRINT Holds the parameters for print management sorting by agency, branch, department, CSR, company, etc.
APPUM Personal Umbrella
APPUM2 Additional data storage for Personal Umbrella application
APPURP2 Liability Loss Notice - Second database
APPURPK Liability Loss Notice
APQUE Holds all forms queued for print and electronic transmission
APRECIIR Holds records that have been received in ACORD format from the companies. These records can then be printed (memos or reports).
APREFORM Holds the data rearranger information set up by the agency's insurance company. This file specifies how the data from the applications will be rearranged before it's sent electronically to the insurance company.
APREMARK Direct bill remarks - Not used at this time
APRPTLOG Holds the Batch In account current transaction information
APSACOMM Holds APFIELDS type data for company forms for batch in and batch back communications
APSAFLDS Holds the offsets of every field on every company form
APSATRN1 Holds Edits information for company forms
APSATRN2 Holds Edits information for company forms
APSCAPA ACORD 160 - Commercial Business Owner's
APSCAPB ACORD 160 - Commercial Business Owner's - Second database
APSUSPF Holds information on the items that went to suspense from a download
APSUSPR Holds one line of the download record (copied from APRECIIR.DBF), and the ACORD-standard headers found in Assist
APUNCR Holds the data for the Company Unique screens behind the Change Requests that are being sent electronically
APUNCREQ Holds UNCLE request data
APUNIQCR Company Unique database for personal and commercial change requests
APUNIQSA Holds Company Form name, customer number, company code, and data on the Company Form
APUNQDWN Holds Company Unique data to be downloaded for Prospect Custom Decs
APWATER ACORD 82 - Watercraft application
APWATER2 ACORD 82 - Watercraft application
APWCAR ACORD 133 - Commercial Worker's Comp Assigned Risk
APWCEMPS Holds the data for FL Workers Comp
APWRKLOS Workers Compensation Loss Notice
ASMAIL Holds information for TAM mail
ATTACH Holds information regarding any file that is attached to a customer
ATTACHEX Holds extra information regarding emails and faxes that are attached through efiling
ATTCHDET Holds information for barcoding and faxing
AUIDPRE Stores pre-printed Auto ID card setup information
BENATTCH Stores Attachments for Benefit Lines of Business
BENEFITS Stores Application Data for all Benefit Lines of Business except Census, Attachments, and Remarks
BENEMPL Stores Employee Information for Benefit Lines of Business
BENOPTS Stores Option Codes for Benefit Lines of Business and Employee Classes
BENREM Stores Remarks for all Benefit Lines of Business
BINFO Used for PACs (Canada), Bank Information (UK), and Future E-Banking (US/UK/Canada)
CAL ConneXion Audit Log (No index, does not appear in INITIAL.TBL)
CALLHIST Used for TAM's receptionist screen. History of all calls which have been logged.
CALLS Holds information for calls logged to prospects or customers
CASH Holds balances and vital data on cash accounts
CASHPTRS Holds the last check, deposit, and miscellaneous withdrawal numbers for each cash journal which have not been flagged as paid by the bank. There is only one record per journal.
CENSUS Stores Census Form Data for Benefits
CHANGES Holds changes made to transactions through Update Transactions
CINFO Holds data from Commercial Information screens
CLAIM Holds data entered on the claim screen
CLAIMANT Holds claimants
CLAIMNOT Holds claim notes
CLAIMPMT Holds individual payments made on claims
CLIENT Holds additional information for Employees, Customers, Prospects, Finance Companies, Producers, Vendors, Brokers, Lienholders, and Companies.
CLMSCHDS Holds scheduled data for Claims Download suspense items
CLMSCHDU Holds scheduled data for each claim to be updated by Claims Download
CLMSUSP Holds suspense items for Claims Download
CLMUPDT Holds claims that need to be updated by Claims Download
CLNTFILT The MISC fields are being used in a manner roughly analogous to the use of the C field in INS. The unions allow for more flexibility without using additional space.
CLOSEDAY Holds selection criteria for Close-Day setup(s) and invoice setup
CLTSTMTS Holds client statement format setup and selection criteria
CODEDESC Holds descriptions for ACORD form lookups
CODELIST Holds codes and values for ACORD form lookups
COMMDEF Holds information for Broker, Company and Producer commission defaults
COMPARE Holds comparison figures for the Cross Reference Production and Book of Business reports
COMPID Holds a unique fixed ID for each TAM company code; used for the Company Unique Screens and Edits.
CONFIGS Used during install to hold flags indicating whether various config programs have been run between versions
CVAPCODS Static file used in TAM. No reason to open through Interpreter
D3MEMO2 Holds pending and history memos
DAILY Holds various vital system information
DBTEMP Temporary file for reports
DBTRANSG Holds messages on invoices & checks; holds policy numbers & effective dates on Override invoices; holds user defined schedule fields
DEFAULTS Holds default checks and journal entries; holds recurring month end journal entries; holds cost
FAXCOVER Holds saved fax cover page information
FILEHIST Holds information for current and previously used Producers and Companies  
FILEINCL Holds file include names installed in Editor Specific Install
FIMSCRNS Holds caption information for each tab in the 32-bit applications. It is used by APEDCHK to display captions on the edit error report.
FLDS Holds values for all fields which are validated by the system (CSR, Code, Occupation, etc.)
FORMINFO Used in conjunction with FORMVERS.DBF. Does not store user data. A static table that stores information about each form type.
FORMLETT Holds selected fields for data being pulled into customer and prospect formletters
FORMNOTE Used for TAM to hold notepads for other forms
FORMTRAN Holds data for the forms transfer utility
FORMVERS Used in conjunction with FORMINFO.DBF.  This is a static database table and is not meant to store user data. It stores information about each form type.
GLEDGER Holds monthly balances and net changes for all general ledger accounts as well as budget figures
GLEDGER1 Holds information by account number regarding the agencies, branches, and departments for which that account exists
GLWORK Holds receipts, disbursements, and journal entries
GRAPH Temporary database used when reports are generated with graph outputs
GROUPS Holds general ledger groups and types
GRPEDITS Stores information regarding all installed edits
HISTPRT Holds true history version of applications
HLPEDITS Stores information regarding help edits
HURATTCH Holds history information for images - Front-End Scanning
INDEDITS Stores information regarding individual edits
INITLOAD Holds company name, file date and time, and the date and time the Initial Load CD was installed
INS Holds all clients except Prospects; holds agency structure records (Click here for 11.1 version of document)
INVOICE Holds pending transactions
INVTRANS Holds Invoice Number on which each item was printed
JOURTRAN Holds journal entries, summary cash receipts, cash disbursements
JOURWORK Temporary GL Index file
LASERFNT Holds font information for use with TAM
LETTER Holds information for formletters and marketing letters
LIENHLDC Commercial database for all Additional Interest and Lienholder information
LIFEPINF Life Forms (LF) database, holds the Life Policy level Information
LIFEPINS Life Forms Schedule database - Holds Insured Information
LIFEPOBP Life Forms Schedule database - Holds Owners, Producers and Beneficiaries information
LINKS Holds descriptions and paths for third party programs and websites integrated into TAM through the Links option (Click here for 11.1 version of document)
LOADLIST Holds setups installed for Prospect downloads
MESSAGE Used for TAM's message center
MISSEDIT Holds the additional fields of application sections which are not true schedules and have separate sequence numbers for each iteration, allowing TAM to apply an edit to all iterations for that field type
MNTHEND Holds Month-End report parameter selections
NAICS Holds North American Industry Classification System codes and the description of each code
NOTE Holds note screens for ALL clients
OURATTCH Holds information regarding attached and recycled images - Front-End Scanning
PAYABLE Holds records for pending payables activity
PAYABLE1 Holds history records for payables activity which has already been processed as checks
PCUSTM2 Holds the Non-Schedule Dec page information for Prospect Custom Decs
PCUSTOM Holds the Schedule Dec page information for Prospect Custom Decs
PINFO Holds Contact screen data
POLHIST Holds basic policy information for history policies only
POLICY Holds basic policy information; holds policy type information; holds information for Agency, Producer and Broker commission defaults.
POLSAVE Holds the configged 3.0 policy information. Identical to 3.0 policy structure. (ALT-O)
PROSP Holds Prospects
PRTFILES This is a static file that holds information for each form that can be printed through TAM, such as the form name and text file to print from. This table is not meant to store user data.
PURATTCH Holds information regarding pending images - Front-End Scanning
QUEUE Holds print parameters for reports which were queued, and the number of copies queued for Close-Day printing
RELEDITS Stores information regarding relational edits
REMARKS Stores the Remarks on all General Info questions on forms
REQDACCT Holds account and withholding information for payroll reports
RISK This is a static file used in TAM. There will never be a need to open/edit this database through Interpreter or dBase.
RNGEDITS Stores information regarding range edits
SIC Holds Standard Industry Classification codes and the description of each code
SIG2AG Holds the PCX filename and the agency number assigned on the Assign Name/Agency screen
SIG2DESC Holds the PCX filename and the name assigned on the Assign Name/Agency screen
SPLIT Holds information on split commission transactions for display and default purposes
SRVDFLT Holds Server Validation Defaults setup in SYS_INST
STATMENT Holds records for completed agency bill reconciliations for disbursement, viewing, and re-opening purposes
STAVALA ACORD 139 - Statement of Values, Non-Schedule
STAVALB ACORD 139 - Statement of Values, Schedule
STDALONE Stores Form Edition Header values for the list of standalone forms available to print
SUMMARY Stores User Settings for Summary of Insurance
TBLEDITS Stores information regarding table edits
TFDESC Holds two-line note area (expanded description) of TFILE records
TFILE Holds activity (follow-up) records
TFLINK Allows data conversions to link transactionally filed items to converted data that does not fit in any of our data structures. Also, allows us to start linking TFILE records to their associated items (i.e., letters, memos...any other item that has a unique key).
TRANSACT Holds current transactions
UKLIST Holds codes and descriptions used primarily for lookups and dropdown lists
UNQDATA Pointer table used to locate Company Unique XML data files
UNQSCRNS Pointer table that points to the XML file for a specific set of Company Unique screens
USERDOTS Holds user installed dot commands
WCSTPREM Holds the data for workers compensation premium screen
WINIDS Holds the SeqID, screen number, and subscreen number for each valid APFIELDS entry. This information is currently not used, but will be in the future.
WIZARD32 Master workflow table. Holds global workflow information and user-specific WorkEdit settings for myTAM
WORKACT Holds values associated with individual options for each workstep in a workflow for myTAM
WORKDFLT Holds values associated with defaults for worksteps in a workflow for myTAM
WORKFLOW Each record holds one workstep in a workflow or library for myTAM
WORKFRAM Holds common "framework" data on which actual worksteps are patterned for myTAM
WORKMENU Holds information from the myTAM button editor
WORKPROG Holds information for third party program interface with myTAM
WORKSUSP Holds the data needed to track and resume suspended workflows
WRENDBFS Holds databases used by each type of rename
WRENFLDS Holds fields used by each database for each type of rename
WRENLOG Holds history for renames
WRENMAIN Holds static info for all entity renames
WRENRULE Holds rules for fields for renames
ZIPCODE Preinstalled zip code lookup
ZSTRUCTS Provides a breakdown of the "C" field of INS.DBF for Interpreter purposes

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Canadian-Specific Databases

Please note: A link is provided to the most recent structure available for each Canadian database, if any.

Database Description
APCOCHGA Holds Images of Applications when Change Requests are Added - Non-Schedule fields
APCOCHGB Holds Images of Applications when Change Requests are Added - Schedule fields
APCOMTBL Holds Values, Offsets, and Special Conditions for EDI - Similar to APFIELDS.DBF
BUDGET Holds Installed Budget Plans for Canadian TAM
CAEFA Equipment Floater - Never Implemented
CAEFB Equipment Floater - Never Implemented
CANAUCVA Canadian Commercial Vehicle Supplement - Non-Schedule
CANAUCVB Canadian Commercial Vehicle Supplement - Schedule
CANAUTOA Canadian Auto Application - Personal and Commercial - Non-Schedule
CANAUTOB Canadian Auto Application - Personal and Commercial - Schedule
CANHOMEA Canadian Habitational Application - Non-Schedule
CANHOMEB Canadian Habitational Application - Schedule
CANHOMEC Canadian Habitational Application - Non-Schedule
CANLIST CSIO Code List, Used for Dropdowns and Lookups - Similar to FLDS.DBF
CANWATA Canadian Personal Articles/Watercraft Supplement - Non-Schedule
CANWATB Canadian Personal Articles/Watercraft Supplement - Schedule
CAPACRA Ontario Auto Change Request - Non-Scheduled fields
CAPACRB Ontario Auto Change Request - Scheduled fields
CAPALS Automobile Loss Form
CAPALS2 Automobile Loss Form
CAPATA Regular Auto - Non-Scheduled fields - Changes since 7.1.1.
CAPATA2 Regular Auto - Additional Non-Scheduled fields for Alberta Auto
CAPATB Regular Auto - Scheduled fields - Changes since 7.1.1.
CAPATBNA Commercial Regular Auto - Non-Scheduled fields
CAPATBNB Commercial Regular Auto - Scheduled fields
CAPCACA Commercial Auto Change Request - Ontario - Non-Scheduled fields
CAPCACB Commercial Auto and Ontario Auto Change Request - Scheduled fields
CAPCAPA Commercial Application - Non-Scheduled fields
CAPCAPB Commercial Application - Scheduled fields
CAPCERT Certificate of Insurance
CAPCGLSA Commercial General Liability Section - Non-Scheduled fields
CAPCGLSB Commercial General Liability Section - Scheduled fields
CAPCPSA Commercial Property Section - Non-Scheduled fields
CAPCPSB Commercial General Liability Section - Scheduled fields
CAPCVSA Commercial Vehicle Supplemental Form - Non-Scheduled fields
CAPCVSB Commercial Vehicle Supplemental Form - Scheduled fields
CAPCWA Habitational Watercraft Application - Non-Scheduled fields
CAPCWB Habitational Watercraft Application - Scheduled fields
CAPFARMA Personal Farm Application - Non-Scheduled fields
CAPFARMB Personal Farm Application - Scheduled fields
CAPHCRA Habitational Change Request - Non-Scheduled fields
CAPHCRB Habitational Change Request - Scheduled fields
CAPHOA Habitational Application - Non-Scheduled fields
CAPHOB Habitational Application - Scheduled fields
CAPHOC Hasn't been used since 6.3, but may come back.
CAPLIAB Liability Cards, or "Pink Cards" - Similar to U.S. Auto IDs
CAPLS "Old" Canadian Loss Form
CAPOABOA Ontario Auto Application - Commercial Lines - Non-Scheduled fields
CAPOABOB Ontario Auto Application - Commercial Lines - Scheduled fields
CAPOAPA Ontario Auto Application - Non-Scheduled fields
CAPOAPB Ontario Auto Application - Scheduled fields
CAPPLS Property Loss Form
CAPQATA Quebec Auto - Hasn't been used since 6.3
CAPQATB Quebec Auto - Hasn't been used since 6.3
PDC Hold post dated checks (All countries except U.S.)
PDC2 Holds a summary of the information in PDC.DBF, totaled by item number and by client
TAXES Holds automatic tax transactions
TRANSTAX Link between an invoice and its related tax transactions
VICC IBC Table of Vehicle Information

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UK-Specific Databases

Database Description
AGCYCURR Not used at this time
CURRENCY Not used at this time
ECARLSSA Motor Car Claim Form (AL), Non-Schedule
ECARLSSB Motor Car Claim Form (AL), Schedule
ECMFLTA Motor Fleet (FL), Non-Schedule
ECMFLTB Motor Fleet (FL), Schedule
ECOMMCMB Commercial Coverage Application (CC), Non-Schedule
EGINFOA General Information Application (GI), Non-Schedule
EGINFOB General Information Application (GI), Schedule
EHIVALUE Elite Home Application (HV), Non-Schedule
EHOTEL1A Hotel, Restaurant & Pub Application (HR), Non-Schedule
EHOTEL2A Hotel, Restaurant & Pub Application (HR), Non-Schedule
EHOTEL1B Hotel, Restaurant & Pub Application (HR), Schedule
EHOUSEA Household Application (HH), Non-Schedule
EHOUSEB Household Application (HH), Non-Schedule
EHOUSEC Household Application (HH), Schedule
EMFLEETA Commercial  Vehicle- Motor Fleet (MF), Non-Schedule
EMFLEETB Commercial  Vehicle- Motor Fleet (MF), Schedule
EMOTORA Private Motor Car (MO), Non-Schedule
EMOTORB Private Motor Car (MO), Schedule
EMPLOYA Employers' Liability Claim Form (WL), Non-Schedule
EMPLOYB Employers' Liability Claim Form (WL), Schedule
EOFFSR1A Office and Surgeries Application (OS), Non-Schedule
EOFFSR2A Office and Surgeries Application (OS), Non-Schedule
EOFFSRB Office and Surgeries Application (OS), Schedule
EPROWNRA Property Owners Application (PO), Non-Schedule
EPROWNRB Property Owners Application (PO), Schedule
EPRPLOS Property Claim Form (PL), Non-Schedule
EPRPLOSB Property Claim Form (PL), Non-Schedule
EPRPLOSC Property Claim Form (PL), Schedule
EPUBLICA Public Liability Claim Form (LL), Non-Schedule
EPUBLICB Public Liability Claim Form (LL), Schedule
ESHOP1A Shop Package Application (SH), Non-Schedule
ESHOP2A Shop Package Application (SH), Non-Schedule
ESHOPB Shop Package Application (SH), Schedule
ETHEFTA Motor Theft Claim Form (MT), Non-Schedule
ETHEFTB Motor Theft Claim Form (MT), Schedule
EWATER Watercraft Application (WA), Non-Schedule
EXCHRATE Not used at this time

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