Installing and Using Premium Finance Integration

Product: WinTAM V6.1.0, V6.2.0, V6.3.0

This document has two sections.

Premium Finance Integration Installation

Note: Installation of this product requires internet access.

Premfi1.gif (11190 bytes)

  1. Select a Finance Company.
  2. Select your version of TAM.
  3. Enter your email address and click Next.

Premfi2.gif (10780 bytes)

  1. Select the PremiumFinanceIntegrationXXX.exe checkbox (where XXX is the version of TAM selected) and click Next.

Premfi25.gif (24487 bytes)

  1. Click Click Here to download - PremiumFinanceIntegrationXXX.exe.

Premfi14.gif (8323 bytes)

  1. Select Run this program from its current location and click OK.

Premfi15.gif (7768 bytes)

  1. Click Yes to run the installation.

Premfi16.gif (8056 bytes)

  1.   Click Finish.

Premfi17.gif (14613 bytes)

  1.   Read the Welcome and Warning, then click Next.

Premfi19.gif (12203 bytes)

  1. Enter the path to the Premium Finance Software or use the Browse button. When the path is filled in, click Next.

  1. Click No in response to the “Are you using Commercial Page (CP) Rate?” question unless you are instructed to do so by your specific rating vendor.

Premfi20.gif (10899 bytes)

  1. Click Finish.

premfi25.gif (13907 bytes)

  1. Click Exit.

Using the Premium Finance Integration within WinTAM

  1. Select Clients from the WinTAM main screen
  2. Select a client.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Choose Premium Finance Integration.

Premfi23.gif (4810 bytes)

  1. If you have selected to use the CP, rate you will periodically be prompted for “Today’s”current rate. On thePremium Finance Quoting screen fill in Today's 90 Day CP Rate. Click OK. If your vendor does not use the CP rate, then this window does not display.

Premfi24.gif (10004 bytes)

  1. On the Premium Finance Tasks screen, select a Premium Finance Action.
  2. Highlight a policy.
  3. Fill in the Contract State field.
  4. Click OK to launch third party premium finance software.
  5. Refer to instructions provided by the premium finance company for using their software.

Last Revised: October 20, 2010 04:36 PM