Replicate Chart of Accounts

Product: WinTAM Series 6

When the final month of an agency's accounting year is initiated, the chart of accounts is automatically replicated. The chart of accounts can be replicated manually at any time using the steps listed in this document.

If an agency tries to start working in a new fiscal year without Replicating their Chart of Accounts, the system locks all users out because it cannot find any required accounts for the new fiscal year.

  1. From the WinTAM Home Base select the Options menu.
  2. Select The Agency Manager for DOS.
  3. Type UT for the Utilities menu.
  4. Choose 6 for Accounting Setup and enter.
  5. Choose 7 for General Ledger Utilities and enter.
  6. Choose4 for Replicate Chart of Accounts and enter.
  7. Verify that the information displayed is correct. If you reply N to the prompt Do you wish to replicate the chart of accounts?, you will be taken back to the General Ledger Utilities menu. If the information shown is correct, answer Y and enter.

Note: It will not cause problems if you replicate more than once, you will only have problems if you forget to replicate and attempt to work in the new fiscal year.

As the utility runs you will see account numbers displayed at the bottom of the screen.

  1. When the utility is complete the General Ledger Utilities menu will display. Select E and enter.
  2. Select E and press enter again to exit the Accounting Setup menu.
  3. From the Systems Utility menu type MM to return to the DOSTAM Main menu.
  4. Type EX to exit DOSTAM and return to WinTAM.

Last Revised: February 19, 2008 02:22 PM