User-Defined Transactions

Products: The Agency Manager (TAM) Series 6 and Series 7

In addition to all of the standard transactions that are part of TAM, user-defined transactions may be created to meet any unique billing situation. 

Setting Up User-Defined Transactions

Version 6.2.0 and Below

  1. DOSTAM.
  2. Select UT  .
  3. Select #6 Accounting Setup.
  4. Select #3 User-Defined Transactions.

 Version 6.3.0

  1. Click Options and select The Agency Manager for DOS.
  2. Expand the Utilities menu.
  3. Click Accounting Setup #6.
  4. Select #3 User-Defined Transactions.

Series 7

  1. Click Utilities.
  2. Expand the Accounting folder.
  3. Expand the Receivables folder.
  4. Click User-Defined Transactions.

Setting up a User-Defined Transaction


TAM allows 80 user-defined transactions. User-defined transactions can have any three-digit code as long as it does not conflict with a standard transaction. User-defined transactions cannot be binder billed or used in an installment plan. 

Flag Value

Possible flag values are Agency Bill, Direct Bill, orMiscellaneous.


Enter the General Ledger to offset (only applies to flag value of Miscellaneous ).

Using A/R as an offset is not recommended. If the A/R account is chosen, the transaction affects the customer side without affecting the General Ledger side, creating a potential out of balance situation. A/R is always affected by the amount of the transaction:

100.00 debits A/R and credits offset account.

-100.00 credits A/R and debits offset account.

Note: Offset A/R only when you are already out of balance and are trying to get back in balance.


Enter a description for the transaction



A  user-defined transaction can be set up to work the same as a Cancellation transaction, and affect the billing screen in the same manner. It  replaces the premium with 0.00  and changes the expiration date to the effective date of cancellation. It also gives the option to change the Status of the billing screen.

NSF Transaction

This is a checkbox on versions 7.0 or above. On versions 6.3 or below, this is available on the option line. One miscellaneous user-defined transaction can be set up as a NSF transaction.  

Update Premium

Options available are (A)dd to, (R)eplace or have no effect on the premium field on the billing screen.

Option Line (Version 6.3.0 and below)

Option Buttons (Version 7.0.0 and above)

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