Validate Client Error Reports 

Product: WinTAM Series 6

The Validate Clients utility verifies customers' balances. If the balances are incorrect, it generates an error report. This utility can be run manually through the DOSTAM Utilities menu or automatically through Night Utilities, for all customers or just a range of customers.

This document is divided into the following sections:

Client Validation Errors Explained 

The Client Validation report checks for several types of problems:

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Correcting Client Validation Errors 

This document explains how to correct client errors 2-6 that you may receive on the Validate Balances report. If you receive an Error 1 or Error 7, fax the entire error report to Accounting Support.

Fax Note: Faxes should be limited to 30 pages. Reports over 30 pages should be mailed to Applied Systems. Please contact Accounting Support to get the proper address.  

Printer Note: If the printer is not set up correctly in DOSTAM, problem items will not print. If you are not sure if the printer is set up correctly, test printing in DOSTAM before running the validation.

  1. Exit all users from the customer with the error.
  2. Access DOSTAM-UT-2-2-9 Validate/Repair Client Balances. A Validate menu displays.

  1. Using the arrow keys, select the error (error numbers are listed on the upper right in parentheses) that appears on the Client Validation report. If the client has more than one error, correct the larger numbers first. 
  2. Follow the screen prompts. Enter the client code, and when prompted to correct, answer Yes.
  3. After correcting all errors on the client, highlight the Validate Balances Report option. Enter C for customer (or B for Broker, F for Finance Company, etc.) and then enter the Client Code. The program prompts: 
  1. Check the printer. If all errors have been corrected, the report will not print. If the report prints, correct the error displayed. (Sometimes correcting one error creates another error.) Continue correcting errors and running the Validate Balances Report for this client until it no longer prints. 

If you receive an Error 1 or Error 7, or if you cannot correct an error through the validate menu (it continues to print after you have selected that option and tried to correct), fax the entire error report to Accounting Support.

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Last Revised: May 01, 2009 01:17 PM