Assigning Direct Bill Commissions Out of Suspense

Product: TAM - Series 6 and 7

Agencies on Series 6 and 7 running the Direct Bill Commission Download will be able to receive direct bill commissions through the daily download. Because this is an ACORD download function, only insurance companies that have been certified by the Company Interface group will send this form of download. As with daily download, the Batch Back software is required.


The direct bill commission download is available through IVANS download or Batch Update From Files. All direct bill commission transactions go in to suspense to be assigned to a specific customer, policy, and producer. The customer and billing screen must exist prior to assigning a direct bill commission transaction out of suspense. The direct bill commission download will not create a customer.

Accessing Items in Suspense 

To access the transactions in suspense: 

  1. Click the Utilities button from the TAM Home Base. 
  2. Click the Company Interface folder to bring up the additional options. 
  3. Click the Suspense folder and select Commissions in Suspense
  4. Click the Next arrow. This takes you to the Direct Bill Commission Suspense file. Here you have the following options: 

Assign IDs to Create Transactions with Producers 

Individual transactions are assigned to an existing client, policy, and producer. 

  1. The cursor will be positioned at the Customer ID field in the Direct Bill Commission Suspense File Transactions screen. 
  2. The cursor then moves to the Policy # field. Press [Enter]; it automatically brings up the proper billing screen information relating to the client code and policy number. The Status field can be changed to match the transaction type. The cursor then moves to the TRN field.
  3. Press [Enter]; the cursor moves to the Effective Date field. 
  4. Press [Enter]; the cursor moves to the Desc field. 
  5. Press [Enter]; the cursor moves to the Producer information. If necessary, you can correct or add the producer commission amounts here. The producer and corresponding commission percentage/amount default in from the billing screen. Once you have moved through the producer information, a question comes up that asks if you want to make any changes. 

Jump Option

You can also select the Jump option from the option line to go directly to an individual transaction. When Jump is selected, you are prompted for the Message number, Sequence Number, and Item Number of the transaction you wish to jump to. This information can be found on the Communication Log. The word Validated may appear in the upper right corner of the screen if the record had "U" in the Error field and all the problems with the record have been corrected. Validated may also display when a record is requested through the Jump option. 

Below is an example of an item in suspense.

Once the desired number of items have been assigned, end out of the Assign menu and select Run Update. All the transactions do not need to be assigned at the same time. The transactions are actually created when the update is run.


Run Update to Create Transactions without Producers 

If a Direct Bill Commission Download sent by the carrier included Customer IDs and the agency does not want to record a producer on the transaction, the agency may select Run Update from the menu. This creates the transactions without the agency manually assigning the items out of suspense, but these transactions will not include producer commissions since the transaction that is downloaded does not include that information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: If you just run the update without assigning ID's, does it update the billing screen? 
    A: Yes, it will update the billing screen if the company file is set up to allow this and the policy number in the download record matches what is on file. The premium will always update regardless of the option chosen.
  2. Q: Can you just assign a few items at a time and run the update without assigning all the transactions?  
    A: Yes, you can assign IDs individually. At this time, when you go into assign items, it will only generate transactions for the items manually assigned. The other transactions will be left in suspense until they are assigned out. 
  3. Q: Do we have to use a specific direct bill accounting setup to be able to get the downloaded transactions to file correctly? 
    A: No, the direct bill download will work no matter what accounting setup you are using for direct-billed business. 
  4. Q: Is there a way to tell the difference between a transaction that was downloaded into the system and one that was entered manually? 
    A: Yes, the transactions that are downloaded have a unique description of ACORD Dbill Commission
  5. Q: Will my download generate an error if the BCO (Billing Company) and ICO (Issuing Company) are different?  
    A: No, the downloaded transaction will be sent to you by the Billing Company and will file accordingly.

Last Revised: February 19, 2008 02:23 PM