Backposting in TAM

Product: TAM - Series 6 and 7

To make adjustments to your GL accounts for prior months or years, you need to use Backpost Adjustments. Follow the steps below to backpost.

  1. From the main TAM menu, click the BackOffice (Series 6) or Accounting (Series 7) button. 

  2. Click Journal. The Journal Entries screen displays.

  3. Select Backpost Adjustments. The Backpost Adjustments detail screen displays.

  4. Select the agency and then the month in which to make the entries.
  5. Make the journal entries you need.

    If you are Backposting against an account that has a cash journal, it needs to go on the first line of the journal entry.

    Any journal entries against cash files either as a (DP) Deposit or a (MS) Miscellaneous, depending on how you affect cash; otherwise, your J/E will file as a BPE (backpost entry).

Last Revised: April 06, 2011 09:30 AM