Direct Bill Batch Reconciliation 

Product: WinTAM Series 6 & TAM - Series 7

The Direct Bill Batch Reconciliation feature allows agencies to reconcile the direct bill commissions from a batch file on a disk. This disk contains the information necessary in an ASCII text format. In order for the agency to be able to use this function:

This procedure is similar to the Record Commissions function in TAM.


Access this program in:

You will be prompted to enter:

Note: You may wish to make a copy of the text file before running this program in case you encounter problems during the batch process.

After the filename is entered, the system loads the ASCII text into TAM and the items are placed on the clients’ accounts in transaction form as records are appended into TRANSACT.DBF.

Format of Information 

The text must be in comma delimited format and in the following order:

Sample of what the file would look like:

1) "002501 ","08/26/97","08/26/98","REN","010.00","00000020.00","000200.00"

2) "1234567890123456789012345","08/15/97","08/15/98","-EN","15.00","-30.00","-200.00"

These fields will then be validated against the clients’ billing screens for accuracy, and errors are then written to the BATCHERR log. After each transaction is processed (and either accepted or rejected), the first quotation mark is replaced with the letter P. This way if there is any interruption in the process, it will not reprocess these transactions.

Some fields in POLICY.DBF are updated through the batch utility. The only fields that are automatically updated (without any notification) are the policy status, effective and expiration dates, premium, and commission amounts. Any other changes that need to be made will have to be done manually on the individual billing screen.

Possible Errors That May Be Detected 

The batch process checks each transaction for possible errors. If the criteria below are not met, the transaction will be written to the error file.

These all must be adjusted and then a copy of the file will need to be reloaded with the corrected information.

The BATCHERR file or BATCHERR.(Company Code) is the file that gets created with any errors that the program encounters during the batch process.  This file is located on \TAM\SAV\DBILL. This file will contain the logged problems. It will show all transactions that were incorrect and it will give you one of the following error messages:

The error log can be printed through Editor, and then every incorrect transaction will need to be entered through the record commission option individually, or the file needs to be edited and the P will need to be replaced with the quotation marks and the data will need to be corrected.

Last Revised: February 19, 2008 02:24 PM