Changing Direct Bill Reconciliation Method to Record Commissions

Product: TAM Series 6 and 7

Warning: Please contact Accounting Support before changing Reconciliation Method.

Choose the document that applies to your current setup.

To View Current GL Setup

Series 6

  1. Log into TAM.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select The Agency Manager for DOS.
  4. Prior to version 6.3, Select Utilities, then choose 6 Accounting Setup. On version 6.3,  select Utilities Menu, System Setup, Accounting Setup.
  5. Select 8 Check GL Setup Options. When prompted, "OK to proceed?" answer Yes.

Series 7

  1. Log into TAM.
  2. Access Utilities.
  3. Select Accounting.
  4. Select Setup.
  5. Select GL Setup Report.


Current Reconciliation Method

Method of Recording Direct Bill

Producer Paid for Direct Bill

DBMETHD1 Transact and Reconcile Cash Paid Items
DBMETHD2 Transact and Reconcile Cash Invoiced Items
DBMETHD3 Transact and Do Not Reconcile Cash Invoiced Items
DBMETHD4 Transact and Reconcile Accrual Invoiced Items
DBMETHD5 Transact and Reconcile Accrual Paid Items
DBMETHD6 Transact and Do Not Reconcile Accrual Invoiced Items

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