Validate Cash Differences 

Product: TAM - Series 7

The Validate Cash report may be run manually from the Month-End menu or may run during Night Utilities. Below is an example of the Validate Cash report. Note that cash journal one indicates a difference and cash journal two is okay.

Validate Cash Journal Balances from March 2000

Jrnl  Account Sharing Agencies Begin Balance Net Change Proper Balance Balance on File Difference
1 101- 1 1000.00 50.00 1050.00 1000.00 50.00<<<
2 102- 1 3500.00 1000.00 4500.00 4500.00 00.00 OK

A validate cash difference occurs when the Balance on File (which is a number in the database) becomes out of synch with the Proper Balance (a calculated number that should agree with a Status of Accounts). Many situations can cause this difference. Two examples are a workstation lockup or error that occurs while someone was making an entry to the cash account, or an out-of-balance cash entry that gets deleted by the Trial Balance.

Follow the steps below to correct a Validate Cash Difference Error:

  1. Click the Accounting button.
  2. Click Month-End.
  3. Select Month-End In-Balance Checks.
  4. Select Cash Journals.
  5. Accept the default for last valid accounting month, and check the box to Repair any incorrect balances. Click OK. The results will print to your default printer. You should see the word Fixed beside the cash journal that had the difference.

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