Zap the General Ledger - With or Without the Chart of Accounts: Utility Overview and Procedure

Product: The Agency Manager, Series 7 and above

Warning: This document covers advanced material that significantly alters your system. Read this document completely before following these steps! If you are unsure of any of the workflows, review the help file or training materials or contact Support for assistance.

This document provides instructions to zap the general ledger. There are several reasons to run this utility:

Before you start this procedure, complete the Zap Worksheets, and run the necessary reports. Double check the opening balances before this utility is run. If this utility is being run to clean up errors in the accounts receivable balances or company payable balances make sure that you adjust for the differences before you enter in your opening balances into the system. If you need assistance with the opening balances please speak with your CPA. Accounting support is not responsible for the balances that you enter into the system.

This process takes time to complete.

You have two choices when you zap the general ledger:

This document contains the following sections:

Before the Zap 

Applied Systems recommends that you run following reports. These reports provide paper copies of what was in your system. They also show any items and/or differences that may need attention before finishing the zap. Should you decide that some of the items are not necessary for your agency, you may choose to omit them. Remember, though, that the hard copies of the reports will be all you have to refer to in the future.

  1. Run a complete backup and verify it.
  2. Run two Aged Receivables reports: 
  3. Select Reports - Accounting for the Report Type and Aged Receivables for the Report Choice.

  4. Print the Company Payables report, using the report mode balance to last month end. 

    Select Reports - Accounting for the Report Type and Company Payables for the Report Choice.

  5. Print the Chart of Accounts

    Select Reports - General Ledger for the Report Type and Chart of Accounts for the Report Choice.

  6. Obtain a list of installed User Defined JEs.
  7. From Home Base, click Utilities, Accounting, Receivables, and open the User Defined Transactions utility.

  8. Run a Status Accounts report for all accounts for all years on file. 


  9. Run the Binder Bill Payables Balancing report. 

    Select Reports - General Ledger for the Report Type and Binder Bill Payables Balancing for the Report Choice.

  10. Run Stay in Balance Checks for Accounts Receivable. From the Month End menu, select In-balance checks and Accounts Receivable
  11. Run Stay in Balance Checks for Cash Journals. From the Month End menu, select In-balance checks and Cash Journals
  12. Run the GL Balances Report. From the Month End menu, select In-balance checks and Accounts Payable
  13. Run the Checkbook Reconciliation Worksheet and verify that you are in balance. 
    1. From the Reconciliations menu, select Checkbook
    2. Select a cash journal
    3. Select worksheet
  14. Print the GL Setup Options

    From Home Base, click Utilities, Accounting, Setup, and run the GL Setup Report.

Run the Zap Procedure 

  1. All users must exit TAM completely.
  2. Access Start, Programs, Applied Systems, Utility Manager.
  3. Select the Accounting folder, GL folder, click Zap, and click the Continue arrow.
  4. Select that zap option that you wish to run and click Next:
  5. Select the agency for which you want the zap and click Run.
  6. The system proceeds and empties the database files. When the utility finishes, the system automatically packs and reindexes all files.

After the Zap 

You need the Zap worksheets that you completed to begin this part of the process.

Note: you must complete steps 1-7 before exiting the System Installation menu. If you do not, you will receive startup errors, and nobody can access The Agency Manager.

  1. Click Start, Programs, Applied Systems, System Installation.
  3. Select Install Initial Accounting Month. This defaults to the current month. 
  4. Select Account Maintenance, Enter/Revise Chart of Accounts. Complete this option only if you zapped the chart of accounts. 
  5. Select Account Maintenance, Enter Payroll Reports Installation (if you use this option). Required accounts include Payroll Withholding, Wage Expense Account, Additional Withholding Accounts, and Subtract Tax Deferred from Gross. 
  6. Select Enter General Ledger Opening Balances. When entering these balances, the debits and credits must equal to exit this area. 
  7. Exit out of the System Installation menu.
  8. Log into TAM.
  9. Run the Month-End In-Balance Checks for Accounts Receivable. From the Month End menu, select Month-End In-balance Checks, Accounts Receivable.
  10. If you zapped and removed the chart of accounts, access Utilities, Accounting, Receivables, User Defined Transactions to re-enter any account numbers to which your transactions may offset. 
  11. Pack and reindex all files.
  1. Run TAMSTART. Make sure that this successfully runs through. If you receive any errors contact Applied Systems Support for assistance.


Last Revised: June 23, 2009 11:24 AM