Merged Branch Financials

Product: The Agency Manager V7.0.0


The Merged Branch Financial Analysis program is designed for agencies that have remote offices that operate as independent agencies. The program allows the remote office to function independently yet enables the main office to consolidate financial data originating from the remote location with data stored in TAM at the main office.

The program creates a separate set of data files on the system (in the subdirectory \TAM\GLTEMP) that contains the merged financial data. You can then run an Income Statement and Balance Sheet using the merged data. This program enables you to get a complete picture of the agency’s overall financial status without affecting TAM’s regular database files.


  1. Insert the TAM V7.0.0 Merged Branch Financials into the CD-ROM drive. If Autorun is enabled, proceed to step 2; otherwise, follow these steps:
  1. Click Start, Run.
  2. Type X:\SETUP.EXE, where X: is the CD-ROM drive.



  1. At the Welcome screen, click Next.


  1. Carefully read the License Agreement. The agreement must be accepted to install Merged Branch Financials. If you accept the agreement, click Yes. If you click No, the installation will not continue.

  1. Verify that the settings displayed are correct.

Warning: If the settings are not correct, click Cancel to abort the installation. Contact Support for assistance correcting the settings.

  1. If the settings are correct, click Next to continue.

  1. The Merged Branch Financials installation can run unattended from this point.

  1. Click Finish to exit the Install Shield wizard.

Note: The installation must be run at all locations using this program.

  1. Create a shortcut on the workstation desktop.
  1. On the desktop, right click and select New.
  2. Select Shortcut and enter the file information X:\WINTAM\MBDATA32.EXE, where X is the drive on which TAM is loaded.
  3. Enter a shortcut name for the program.

Write Remote Office Data

Use this option at remote office(s) to copy financial data to a zip file. The information copied contains financial data necessary to create merged financial reports.

  1. Select Write Remote Office Data from the menu. Click Run to execute.

Caution: Any files on the \TAM\GLTEMP directory are deleted before the current financial data is copied.

  1. The last month posted displays. Click Yes to continue. If No is selected, the program returns to the main menu. If the last month posted is incorrect, contact Support for instructions to post the month.
  2. A zip file is created in the \TAM\GLTEMP directory. The file is created using the license name from TAM.COM with a .zip extension. This zip file can be sent via email to the main office or copied to diskette depending on the size of the file.

Create Merged Financial Data

Use this option to merge the data from the remote office(s) with the main office’s data to create the merged financial reports.

To run this program correctly, main and remote office(s) must have the same last month posted and to successfully run a combined financial for all agencies, all agencies must have the same fiscal year.

  1. Copy the zip files from the remote office(s) to the TAM\GLTEMP\REMOTE directory.
  2. The last month posted displays. Click Yes to continue. If No is selected, the program returns to the main menu. If the last month posted is incorrect, contact Support for instructions to post the month.
  3. The program merges all remote and main data to create a combined set of data.

Run Merged Financial Reports

After the data is merged, financial statements using this data can be run. A reports menu containing the Balance Sheet and Income Statement allows these reports to be run for any posted month. The report options are identical to those options available from the Reports Module in TAM.

View Merged Offices

This option allows the codes and names of the merged main and remote office(s) data to be viewed .

Delete Merged Data

Once the merged financial reports have been run and the figures verified, delete the merged data from the system. This option removes all the data from the TAM\GLTEMP and TAM\GLTEMP\REMOTE subdirectories.

Last Revised: February 19, 2008 02:09 PM