Enter Customer Balances Workflow

Product: WinTAM Version 6.2.0

This document is a workflow of entering customer balances for a broker, leinholder, and a finance company.

  1. From Home Base, click the Options menu and select The Agency Manager for DOS.
  2. From the DOSTAM Main Menu complete the following steps:
  1. Type UT (Utilities) and press Enter.
  2. Select 5: Initial TAM Setup.
  3. Choose 2 : Client Opening Balances.
  4. Select 1: Enter Customer Opening Balances.
  1. Enter the first customer number and press Enter. Verify this is the correct customer.
  1. Choose (R) Revise and press Enter. This will move the cursor to the blue field for the Total Opening Balance. Enter the total balance for this customer and press Enter. Note: The Remaining Balance Field has the same balance. This will decrease as the opening balances are entered in the fields.
  2. Enter the balance in the appropriate field and press Enter (0-30, 31-60, 61-90, over 90). This allows the opening balances to be aged, if needed.
  3. The Enter key will move the cursor to the next field. Going back is not an option, so if a field is passed that should have a balance entered in it continue to Enter until 90 day field is passed. A red message will appear: "Balancing error, please re-enter data."
  4. Press the Enter key and note that the Total Opening Balance will zero out and the information must be re-entered. This will delete anything that was entered prior, the process can then begin again.
  1. From the Option line, type C (Change) and press Enter. The next customer number and total balance can now be entered.
  2. Continue the process until all of the customer opening balances have been entered. Type E to End.
  3. From the Client Opening Balance Menu, complete the following:
  1. Select 5: Opening Balances Report.
  2. Choose Printer.
  3. Select the number of copies required (1 defaults).
  4. Enter the agency's number.
  5. Press Enter to send to the printer.

On this report, the customer's total balance should match the accounts receivable balance from the GL Opening Balance Report. If not, review the customer opening balances to locate the error and correct any errors.

To correct a customer balance: 

  1. From the Client Opening Balances (per directions above), enter the customer number and press Enter.
  2. Type R (Revise) and Enter

This will clear the balance and allow for the figures to be to re-entered.

If the figures are entered on the wrong customer: 

  1. Find the customer, select D (Delete), and press Enter
  2. At the Verification required to delete <Y or N> prompt, type Y, and press Enter

The balance will be deleted.

  1. To return to the DOSTAM Main Menu, select E (End).
  2. Press Enter twice and select MM. 
  3. Press Enter
  4. To return to the WinTAM Home Base, type EX and press Enter to exit DOSTAM

Note: Broker opening balances can only be entered on agency 1, branch 1. It is recommended that if broker balances are the situation, make that particular agency 1 and/or branch 1 if working with a multi-agency structure.

Last Revised: February 19, 2008 01:58 PM