Overview of the Applied Customer Portal



Portal Features

The Portal provides a single interface to interact with Applied. Some features of the Customer Portal include:

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Portal Requirements

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Initial Administrator Set-Up

How do I create a Portal administrator account if our Portal Administrator is no longer with our agency or brokerage?  Have your agency's owner or main IT contact fax a signed letter to Software Support at (708) 534-5576 on your agency's letterhead stating that it is OK for Support to grant you administrator rights to the Portal.

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Setting up and Managing User Accounts

Note: You must have a valid email account and Administrator Rights to complete registration for the customer Portal.

The Applied Systems customer Portal provides a customized menu based on your product. By setting up users for the Portal, Applied Systems can gather information and provide information specific to your users’ needs.

  1. Access the Applied Systems Internet home page at http://www.appliedsystems.com. From the homepage, click Customer Login.
  2. Log in to your Administrator account by entering your Username and Password and clicking Login.  


  1. At the top of the screen, click Profile.
  1. From the side menu, click Agency Profile.


5.    Under Agency Profile, click Manage Employees.


  1. In the middle of the page, click Add New Account


  1. An Employee Detail screen populates below the Add New Account button.  Complete the Employee Detail fields, including what Security Rights, Subscriptions, and Roles the employee should have, and click Save

Note: The username must be unique, which means that no other Applied Systems customer can use the same login credentials. If you receive a message saying "Username is already in use," try a different username. We recommend using the employee's email address as that should be unique.  Make sure to enter a valid email address in the email field, since the user password will be sent by email.


  1. When user creation is complete, you will receive the following confirmation message on your screen. Have the user check his or her email account for a new email message that includes his or her Customer Portal password and a link to the Customer Portal.

Note: Customer Portal passwords are case sentitive, expire every 90 days, cannot use common or well-known passwords (e.g. Password), and must maintain the password policy


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Sample Welcome Email

After a user account is created on the Customer Portal, the user will receive an email message that includes his or her new password.

This is a sample copy of that email:

Thank you for registering with the Applied Systems Portal!

We are writing to confirm your registration and to provide you with your new password.

Your User Name is: nnnnnnnn. Your password has been set to: pppppppp
Note: Passwords are case-sensitive. You may change your password under the Profile Tab within the Portal.

Some features of the Applied Systems Portal include...

Go to http://www.appliedsystems.com/apps/Portal/ to enter the Portal now...

QUESTIONS about the Portal?

Documentation can be found at http://www.appliedsystems.com/doc_central_public/Portalpublic.htm

Or email us at: webmaster@appliedsystems.com

We hope you enjoy your personalized user experience with Applied Systems.

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Accessing the Customer Portal

  1. Access the Applied Systems Internet home page at http://www.appliedsystems.com/.
  2. Click Customer Login at the top.
  3. Enter the Username that you specified when you registered for the Portal in the Username field.
  4. Enter the Password that you received in your registration email in the Password field. If this is not the first time you are entering the Portal and if you have already changed your Portal password, then enter your new password.

Note: To avoid login errors, it is recommended that you enter your password manually rather than pasting it into the Password field.

  1. Click Login.
  2. You will be prompted to change your password. Complete the fields and click Change Password.

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Overview of the Portal Tabs

The Customer Portal has four tabs: Home, Management System (e.g. TAM, Epic, Vision, or DORIS), Support, and Profile.

The Portal is made up of tabs and modules. Tabs (outlined below) are groups of related modules. Tabs are either gray or blue, with blue being the active tab. Modules contain specific information or functions. Modules are delineated by a “gray bar.”

Home Tab

The Home tab provides quick access to Portal Instructions, a list of Quick Links, Applied University, Billing Information (if your Security rights permit access), Interface Services, Product Advisory Community, and the latest News section.

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Contacts Tab

The Contacts tab contains information about your sales consultant and Applied Systems phone numbers.

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Support Tab

From the Support tab, you can:

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User Group Tab

The User Group tab displays information about ASCnet, the Applied Systems Client Network, and their partnership with the Product Advisory Community.

Product Advisory Community is a group of collaborative forums that offer an innovative way for users and Applied Systems to work together toward product innovation. These forums provide another method for us to identify business needs and obstacles requiring solutions.

Profile Tab

The Profile tab displays your account information and personnel information. You can update your own information, and, if you are an administrator, you can update account information and add and modify user accounts.

For more information on administrator access, see Client Portal Administration/Security.

Edit your Profile

Use the My Account link to select a secret question in case you forget your password, and select the preferred language you wish to receive correspondence in.

Use the My Contact Information link to update your information by clicking Edit. From this page, you can change personal and security information, subscribe to specific publications, and change your password. To change information or subscriptions, make the necessary edits and click Save.

Use the My Training link to view a record of the live and recorded classes that you have taken through Applied University.

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Client Portal Administration/Security

If you would like to have administrator or billing rights to the Portal, either have someone who already has administrator rights at your agency grant them to you under Profile > Agency Profile > Manage Employees, or have your agency's owner or main contact fax a signed letter to Software Support at (708) 534-5576 on your agency's letterhead stating that it is OK for Support to grant you these rights.

There are six security levels, and more than one level can be assigned to a user account.


Billing Rights

IT Role

Base Rights

APM User

WebEx Training User

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Portal FAQs

You will be prompted for your UserName, your Email Address, and the answer to your Secret Question. In a few moments, you will receive an email from Applied Systems Automated Email with the new password. If you forgot the answer to your Secret Question, have the owner of your agency or your main IT contact fax a signed letter to Software Support at (708) 534-5576 on your agency's letterhead stating that it is OK for Support to reset your password.

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