This track provides accounting staff members with the core knowledge required to use Applied Epic to perform back-office accounting daily tasks and procedures. The General Foundation Course ESG800 Transactions should also be taken by accounting staff as that will help give an overall view of how money flows through the Applied Epic system.

Click the link to review a comprehensive list of all Applied Epic live courses as well as the dates and times that each course is offered with a live Product Instructor. Applied University recommends that all courses be taken live, where available, allowing you to interact in the session and ask any questions you may have.

All courses are available as recorded sessions that can be taken at any time to accommodate your schedule. When taking a recorded course, please take notes and bring any questions to Office Hours where a live instructor will be available to answer your questions. Office Hours are held daily Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM CT, and from 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM CT.

All times listed in Applied University and on the training schedule are Central Time.
If a live course (excluding Office Hours) has no registrants 24 hours prior to the start of the session, registration will be closed.

  • The Accounting track includes the following courses:

  • Course # Course Name Objectives Live Recorded Time Materials
    General Ledger Transactions
    Add and Manage General Ledger Activities
    Transfer Funds between Bank Accounts
    Perform Actions on Client Transactions
    Generate Invoices
    Launch 56 PDF
    Receipts and Journal Entries
    Manage Receipts
    Process pending payments
    Utilize Journal Entries
    Recurring and default Journal Entries
    Launch 54 PDF
    Disbursements and Vouchers
    Process Disbursements
    Utilize Vouchers
    Launch 43 PDF
    Premium Payable Reconciliation
    Reconcile a Premium Payable statement
    Close a statement
    Associate General Ledger items
    Manage a statement
    Launch 36 PDF
    Direct Bill and Bank Reconciliation
    Reconcile a Direct Bill statement
    Close a Direct Bill statement
    Manage a Direct Bill statement
    Reconcile a bank statement
    Manage a bank statement
    Launch 37 PDF
    Producer/Broker Reconciliation
    Add a Producer/Broker Payable Reconciliation
    Utilize statement actions
    Batch process statements
    Launch 29 PDF
    Validating Receivables
    Identifying out-of-balance situations
    Validating and balancing Accounts Receivables
    Validating and balancing Premium Payables
    Launch 49  
    Month End Processing
    Prepare the System for Month-End
    Process Month-End Reports
    Generate and Verify Month-End Journal Entries
    Post Month-End
    Launch 32  
    Month End Reports
    Income Statement and Balance Sheet
    Status of Accounts
    Producer Commission and Deposit Register
    Launch 43  
    Accounting Reports
    Differentiate between 'basic' and 'balancing' reports
    Review Basic Reports: Billing Register, Verify Transaction Commissions, Pr/Br Agreements, Production Ranking Report, Premium Trust Reconciliation Report
    Launch 42 PDF
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